Friday, March 29, 2013

IEP day

It's impossible to put a child on into words. Or on paper.

I know this. I also understand the reasons that we have to try.

Ralph's IEP meeting was hard. My goal for him has always been full inclusion. But Ralph doesn't give a hoot about my goals, he has his own agenda and he's going to do things in his own time. I'm just hiding out in my room trying to come to terms with that.

The good news is that Ralph's reading skills are average and even above average for typical kids his age. He will be participating in the general ed curriculum for reading instruction next year.

The bad news is that his lack of intelligible speech is holding him back. He performs at a higher level than he tests. Uggh. So other than reading, his core academics will be done in a separate, special ed classroom.

I'm thankful for the extra year of preschool. I think that is why I got a little bit of what I asked for. But, Ralph will not fit into words, or on paper, or percentiles, or standardized anything.


Anna said...

Does he wear glasses? I am just noticing how close his face is to the computer. We knew Grace had serious vision loss because she was born with congenital cataracts, therefore had the lenses removed. We had no idea until this past September that she was legally blind WITH her glasses on. To top it off she was scheduled for eye surgery in Feb and the opthamologist discovered that she was in an incorrect prescription. She didn't do the surgery and we will follow up late this summer. All that said to say, Id keep a close eye on him, it's hard to know with our kiddos what's going on, even the specialists get it wrong sometimes. ( I think from here on out Grace will continue to get her vision screened under anesthesia.) I am nervous about our IEP / service plan meeting. I need to do some research to find out what our role as parents is. Everything has taken so long and been so frustrating. I do like the evaluators and teachers that will be providing services, just not the process itself. He is adorable and doing so well! Keep up the good work!