Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Short bit of news

We are still alive but have been through the wringer here! Can you believe that we ended up with four consecutive snow days...two on the either side of a weekend, making for six long, LONG days in the house with 10 crazy kids.

Since it was too cold for the little ones to go play outside, I pushed the dining table aside, spread out some blankets on the floor, and sent the big kids outside with buckets. They hauled buckets of snow inside for the little ones! Sounds messy, huh? Actually it was much easier to clean up than the mounds of wet jeans, socks, shoes piled beside icy puddles by the front door.

When we finally got everyone back to school and working toward a routine again, the house was gripped by a cold virus. Max caught his first American cold. Poor sweetie. He is scheduled for a sedated dental extravaganza tomorrow, so I hope I don't see his nose running today. That would be a deal breaker.

Dad had hand surgery last week and is in a cast up past his elbow. I came down hard with a cold that same day. We've just been surviving ever since then. If you ask me, it's little early in the month to be weary. We still have a few trips to Kansas City for doctor appointments, and Spring break is coming up.

The good news is that Max is amazing. He is laid back and fun to be around! He seems to be filling out a bit, especially around the jawline. I'm still blown away by how tiny he is. But he is happy and well loved here. That's got to make up for a lot.

Oh, and Hammer had a birthday! He requested a cake with bacon on top. This is what I came up with. :)