Sunday, March 17, 2013

I love March


March. It's been kicking us around a bit!

We had a week of unspeakable sickness here. I was chatting with a friend from Ukraine and complaining about my mountains of laundry. She asked me if I had a washing machine. Boom! Perspective, huh? So, I'm thanking God for my washer and dryer, and also the steam cleaner...or I would have taken the sofa and love seat to the dump.

Ralph and Ruby had the worst of it. Poor Ruby slept on the floor at the foot of my bed for a week. She is looking a little too thin, and still not really eating right, but I finally got her to sleep in her own bed again. Maybe it was the new princess blanket Ruby got for her birthday?

Yes, Ruby had a birthday. She is four years old now. I can not believe it. We were considering adoption when I found out that I was pregnant with her. That set us back a whole year. But goodness! I could not imagine our lives without that little spunky girl! Everything is intense with her...even the way she loves our boys with DS. She is a miracle.

Rose had a birthday yesterday. She is now into double digits! As a springtime snowstorm blew into town the other day, we had a blast shopping for shorts and t-shirts. Then we got to work on my third fabulous birthday cake of the month. Rose gets to visit family in Arizona this week. I'm so excited for her.

Thomas, Jordan, and Ruby helped me take Max to the doctor in Kansas City last week. We stayed overnight, visited some friends, and hit Crown Center for some window shopping. Next time I hope the aquarium isn't sold out...and maybe the crowds won't be so large.

Speaking of next time, I am headed back to KC for Down Syndrome Clinic for Max and Theo. I'm anxious to have these boys carefully examined. Theo has been having a tough time coping with life lately. I found out that he has h. Pylori again, and if that has been causing him pain it might explain his disturbing behaviors. It's tough to care for a non-verbal child, especially when pain is involved.

Just realized that I forgot to share Hammy's birthday!! He's so cool, he requested a bacon cake. I ended up making bacon "roses" for the top and it looked amazing! I now have two eight year olds, Max and Hammy.

I've just scratched the surface here...there is so much going on. Some really exciting things coming up!! Can't wait to share more.