Thursday, March 28, 2013

Big week...aren't they all?

It's a big week here. Yesterday Theo and Max had a day of appointments at the hospital in Kansas City.

We drove up the night before, since our first appointment was at 8am. I brought Ruby with me to help. Funny, eh? Bringing a four year old to help with the six and eight years olds? Ha!

The two boys had their Down Syndrome clinic visit first thing. Three hours, three kids, one room. Thank goodness for the sweet lady with DS who brought us better toys, and more snacks. Max had an 11am GI follow-up, so we had to prioritize our clinic visits. Before I knew it, 11am rolled around. Since we didn't get to see the audiologist, they agreed to squeeze us in at 1pm.

We drew lots of curious smiles as I hiked the halls of the hospital with what appeared to be triplets in the wagon. Pushing the wagon and balancing a lunch tray was tricky, as we grabbed a quick meal between appointments. Ruby chose to eat a cheese stick and chocolate milk for lunch. Theo and Max had tilapia and potatoes.

1pm hearing test. 2pm urology follow-up. Bleh...waiting, waiting, waiting rooms. Thank goodness the kids were all well behaved. That is saying A LOT for Theo, who can really have difficult behaviors when he is stressed. We were headed to the parking garage at the end of the day, when I remembered to STOP AT THE LAB.

By the time our appointments are over, I'm usually racing to the car to get home and I have been known to forget to have blood work done on the way out. I remembered this time. The lady who drew blood was amazing with the boys and Max didn't even yell like I thought he would. In fact, he freaked out significantly more getting his blood pressure taken earlier in the day! Progress!

Today I caught up on some paperwork...well I made some progress anyway. I made two piles, stuff to do now, and everything else. Uggh. On a positive note, I found some items in my pile that I lost last week.

Tomorrow is HUGE. It really deserves it's own blog post. It is IEP time for Ralph. This time around we are planning for his transition to Kindergarten. Ralph's preschool teachers and I have really high hopes for him to be fully included. We've worked hard to help him make it happen. So nervous!

More tomorrow...gotta get some sleep. 7:45am comes early.