Thursday, April 30, 2009

Never thought I'd see the day...and other stuff

Going, going...

I never allowed myself to think about this day. Somethings are better off not considered. But, it's here and it's done! I called the evil home health company today and arranged for them to pick up all the oxygen tanks AND the oximeter. I'll miss the sound of clanging tanks, NOT!

Of course, they require doctor's orders to discontinue service. That only took a simple phone call to Ralph's fantastic, friendly cardiac NP. I wanted to keep the oximeter and a back-up tank of oxygen, just in case. But, she talked me out of it. I haven't been checking his levels much lately anyway. I'll go buy a cheap, portable oximeter if I find that I can't handle this loss of (imaginary) control. At least I get some additional square footage!

Wesley took another CLEP test today. And he passed! I knew he would, I'm so proud. What a frugal and effective way to earn college credit! All the preparation is his responsibility...true learning. I'm impressed with College Plus so far. Graduation is a week from Saturday. Senior Roast is that night at church. Graduation party is Sunday afternoon.

Ralph goes to the DS clinic at Children's Mercy next week. The appointment is at 8 am so I'll need to drive up the day before. I'll need to bring help in order to care for Ruby and Ralph at the same time. This is presenting a childcare challenge considering that daddy will be in Arkansas next week. I'll figure it out...after I freak out for a couple of days.

There are birds building a a wreath...on my front door!? These must be the stupidest, most ill-informed birds I've ever seen. Don't they experience my many children going in and out of the house and slamming the door each time? I'm baffled.

Miss Ruby is up 9 ounces from last Friday! She is a much happier baby now that I'm actually feeding her enough. This photo was from last Tuesday when she was looking a little thinner.

Today she looks a bit fuller in the face and is sleeping better, too!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! Goodness! I feel like a slacker missing TWO posts - and so importantly! photos of your youngest! and accomplishments of your oldest!

She's lovely - esp love the sleeping photo.

Congrats to your oldest - to be shared with his parents! Barbara