Thursday, April 23, 2009

Princess Dogbone

She looks a little beat-up, doesn't she? Maybe that is because she is! :(
Rose was bitten by the neighbor's dog yesterday. She was playing in their yard with their kids when the dog jumped up and bit her in the face. James took her to the minor emergency office but they sent her to the hospital emergency room because of the location of the wound in the corner of her eye. She also has a puncture on her forehead which was glued shut.

She was a very brave girl...after a while anyway. Daddy was the one who took her to the ER, 'cause he might have gone looking for a certain dog.
The neighbors felt terrible. And while not having the good sense to keep their dog from wandering around the block, they did pay the hospital and pharmacy...and the dog no longer lives there.


Leslie said...

I'm so sorry! That must have been frightening. Praying she heals quickly and that she isn't plagued by fears.