Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mission accomplished!

I set out awhile ago to get Ralph into some Sure Steps. I think it is odd that his doctors hadn't ordered an evaluation sooner. I also got busy with living life and dropped the ball. The therapist that we saw at the Children's Mercy Down Syndrome Clinic took one look at Ralph standing and said that we need to get him some orthotics!

Ralph had his evaluation yesterday and was measured for Sure Steps! They will be here in a week or so...I don't know. YAY!!

Of course I went by myself with Ralph and Ruby. It's always fun to watch people watch me carry Ralph, a purse, a diaper bag, and a baby in a carrier AND open doors. Ralph walked for the lady in his shoes, and then barefoot. And then he crawled around and played while we talked. The floor was dirty...eeeeewww. We had an appointment with his PT right after this so he got a baby wipe bath for his hands, knees and feet.

Our local EI providers have a therapy room at a childcare center near us. We set up an obstacle course for Ralph with a ramp to walk up , a tube to crawl through and a board to walk on. Richard was a dear and met me there to help Ralph get from one activity to the next. I wasn't sure how cooperative Ruby would be. It wouldn't have mattered though, because a friend of mine works there and she had time to hold Ruby and even walk around the facility showing her off!

A little girl with DS was there with her dad, too. She is just a few months younger than Ralph. The dad was curious...I guess because he noticed that I had a new baby. He asked me if I was afraid that I might have another child with DS, since my chances were much higher after having one. I thought that was an interesting question. I think I might have had some fears immediately after Ralph was born. But now, and while I was pregnant with Ruby, no fear about DS. Heart conditions, maybe. But DS? No.

Now I'd love to have another child with DS. I used this conversation to put in a plug for Reece's Rainbow. I shared with him about the kids with DS who need families. I shared what their fate is after they turn 4 years old. *Sigh*

Today Ralph had water therapy. I'm still not up to taking him into the pool so I enlisted Wesley's help. He stayed out pretty late last night, so I don't think he appreciated getting up to take Ralph to the YMCA at 9am. I know he didn't appreciate it. I bought him some dark chocolate M&M's, so I think he's OK now. Ralph is just SO close to walking! I want to really hit the PT hard right now while he is showing so much rapid improvement.

I can't wait to get those outrageous, pricey little plastic things on his feet!


Anonymous said...


Please show photos of the SureSteps, and video when he walks. ;)


Stephanie said...

yes! of course!