Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh boy...

OK, I've typed this once and lost it once already.

I'm coming up on an incredible busy week. Tomorrow I head to Kansas City with Ralph and Ruby. Ralph has an appointment early Wednesday morning at the Children's Mercy Down Syndrome clinic. I BEGGED them for an early March appointment, because I knew. I knew what a tortuous day would be in store for me with a newborn and a two year old who doesn't walk yet.

So, I leave tomorrow and I'm still not sure how it's going to work. I've got major schedule conflicts to work out at home, too. I DO have a hotel room, though! I guess that is something!

If I live through that, Thursday is graduation rehearsal and ice cream social. Friday is decorate the graduation cake day and pick up the house day. My mom is staying here Saturday night. Saturday is graduation ceremony in the afternoon and the senior roast dinner at church in the evening.

Sunday is graduation party in the afternoon at our house. Consider yourself invited! Come and go from 3pm-6pm or so. A sweet neighbor lady has taken pity on me and is fixing the food! We'll have barbecue pork, coleslaw, baked beans, and cake. I still need to come up with the perfect graduation gift for my firstborn. (I'd better put that on the list for Friday)

I guess that would also be Mother's Day?! And Monday is daddy's birthday. There is something happening on Monday and Tuesday, but I can't quite remember...


dadofralph said...

You will do fine. We have raised some awesome boys and they will take care of business while you are in KC. Like you said you will have the most needy ones with you. Thomas will be a big help for you. You have a room, go and take care of Ralph.

I love you and you will do great.

How was the Coleslaw? did it pass your taste test?

Barbara said...

Wow. No one could provide a more supportive comment than the first one! So I ditto everything dadofralph said. :)

Wish I could be there and so appreciate the invite. Give Rexpennae my heartfelt congratulations. Also tell him I equally congratulate his parents for providing him the life and means to come to this notable passage.

God bless you all, from Texas.

Tammy said...

Ah! Did I miss the party? :D

Thinking of you guys!

Tammy and Parker