Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday afternoon fun.

We don't take expensive vacations. We don't really take vacations at all. So I don't feel bad for spending a little money each month for a YMCA membership. We'll spend a lot of time here this summer:

Ralph has never, ever stayed on his feet as long as he did today! Maybe because the water was a bit chilly. He had a death grip on Wesley's hand, but was very solid on his feet. He did great!
They have new tubes this year...clear ones. Huh? Do you really want to see smashed-in buttocks? I know I don't...ewww.

Leroy and Richard were buddies today. Lazy river time! Leroy got in big trouble for sitting on the tube like this!!


Anonymous said...

Water play (swimming for some) and shoes - two of my favorite topics! The Nance family is good at both!

The Y IS a great investment! Barbara