Monday, May 25, 2009

Zoo day

It is summer time in Kansas and the cotton is flying!

The whole family had a nice trip to the zoo today. Yep, everyone! The farm was not exactly a hit with Ralph. It was his first experience up close and personal with sheep and goats.

Daddy was helping him feed the sheep. I think Ralph was afraid they would eat his toes!

The penguins were really putting on a show today, racing and jumping and flying through the water. Here are some bananas we found in the jungle house.

We don't normally go into the jungle...the birds sort of freak me out. I was whacked in the shins by a bird in here one time. Richard was "dumped" on by a bird in the jungle house one time. And yet, we were good sports today.

Ruby rode in the sling and slept the whole time. After plenty of experimentation she has settled on those first two fingers.


Anonymous said...

Who's holding Ralph - the recent grad post-haircut, or another brother?

Enjoyed this post! So fun to see Ralph and Ruby grow!
Thanks! Barbara

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Ralph is being held by next year's graduate. He's a clean cut boy. This year's grad is allergic to haircuts!