Monday, June 1, 2009

My gut.

My gut tells me things on occasion. On occasion I listen.

Ralph has a sedated hearing test scheduled for next Monday at a local hospital. I called a few months ago...they gave me a date and time to be big deal. He has never passed a hearing test, so this is really long overdue.

My gut told me that something was not right. Couldn't put my finger on it. Maybe it was that I had concerns about the sedation drugs that would be used. I was given the phone number to the sedation department at the answer.

When I took Ralph to Kansas City for the DS clinic in May I had a bright idea. Why don't I take him to Children's Mercy for the test? The audiologist at the clinic even assumed that I would have the test done there. But, it's not the most convenient place, so I filed the thought away.

Ralph's EI teacher was over this morning and we discussed the hearing test and his speech development. I've always said that one I my wishes for him is clear intelligible speech. I know that won't happen without clear hearing. She encouraged me to look into the possibility of having the test done in Kansas City.

Later this morning I called the audiologist from the clinic. She was so helpful and kind! She explained that his test would need to be done in a procedure room due to his medical history. Reeeeeally? After being transferred to the appointment desk I was educated even more.

I was asked a whole host of questions about his medications and medical history. I was instructed to have a physical exam done and faxed to them in the next couple of weeks. I was also asked to bring him up for pre-op testing sometime in the next couple of weeks. Wow, long drive for that!

Well, the test is scheduled for the end of this month! I talked them into doing the pre-op stuff the day before so I don't have to make two trips. This feels so right. I'm so relieved.

Why didn't my local hospital ask me anything about Ralph when I called to make an appointment here? No questions about medical history, allergies, medications, nothing. Do they care that he is sensitive to a certain common sedative and that one time it made his heart stop? Uggh!!!

My heart can barely take this sometimes. It's not like we live in a dinky, remote little town. We have several large hospitals here. Why do I feel lucky to get in and out of these places alive and well? Sorry, I have a very bad attitude when it comes to medical stuff. It is just a good thing that I still have the freedom to ask questions and shop around for the best care for my son. Can I get an amen?

I'm glad that I listened to my gut today.