Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doctor stuff

I'm switching doctors for Ralph. Ruby, too.

The part of me that HATES confrontation and the part of me that can't stand to hurt someones feelings is a bit annoyed. It's not that I'm unhappy with their pediatrician. I'm not. I love her! But, we never get to see her.

Ralph needs a physical and history for his sedated hearing test next week. She's completely booked until September! Wha? I'm tired of seeing her PA or one of the other docs in the office. I didn't interview and choose them - I interviewed and chose her.

So, I've been thinking about switching doctors for awhile. I LOVE our family doc and I trust him. We decided to go with a pediatrician for Ralph after he was sprung from the NICU and was quite fragile medically. Now he's more stable. Lord please let it continue to be so! And I need this physical done in the next two weeks!

So, I called this morning to have his records sent over to the new office not really knowing what would be involved. Apparently, I just have to sign a form and everything is sent electronically. So. I called the new doc to make an appointment. Ha! Tomorrow at 9:40.

Oops! Not!

I just got a call. It seems that Ralph's records are extensive ( kidding!). There is massive photocopying involved. It will take a week.

OMG I just got another call...this is killing me! The pediatrician's nurse just called to tell me that Ralph needs a physical for his hearing test next week. NO DUH! She offered to make an appointment. I explained to her that the appointment desk said there were no appointments until September. She offered to get me in to see one of the other docs. *sigh*

"That's really not what I want", I said. I explained to her that I am making arrangements to change doctors. There was an awkward change of tone as we said our goodbyes. Irritation? Too bad. He's my son and I still get to decide who he sees.

Oh, funny. I just got a call! It was the hospital where Ralph is having his hearing test. The lady there knew I was having a hard time getting his physical scheduled. So she made an appointment for a physical for Ralph at the hospital clinic on the afternoon before his test. Uggh! I know she worked hard to get us this appointment, maybe even pulled some strings. What do I do now?

I guess I do this to myself. I started the ball rolling to change docs because I want him seen by someone that I know. Now I'm stuck with gratefully accepting a hard-won appointment with a doc that I don't know. Should I cancel the appointment with Ralph's new doc or what?


Anonymous said...

Geesh! I just saw this post under the top one - my kind of issue to give lots of sympathy! I've really had to give-in on the unknown docs issue over the years, and I might take the hard-won appt in this case. Not to say that your decision to switch pcp/pediatricians should change.

The hearing test is imp for timing (sooner rather than later) and the physical puts it on record that SOMEONE met his complicated medical history on some level before they put him under. The whole pulmonary/sedation relationship can be tricky.

I'll pay better attention for reading about how it goes. (I was out of town last weekend.) Barbara