Monday, June 22, 2009


Here I am. It's nearly midnight. As soon as I give Ralph his medicine I'll be off to bed.

I spent the whole day trying to keep Ruby happy. It's so hard to tell if she is hungry or has a tummy ache. I've got a ton of paperwork that needs to get done, but it's impossible with a baby in my arms. All. Day. Long.

June is nearly done. It's slipping away fast! I have July birthdays sneaking up on me. My oldest sons will both be 17 for eight days. Then my oldest minor will become a major! I must think of the most wonderful, unexpected, affordable birthday gift. *sigh* I meant to make something. For Christmas, for sure. Why can't I get anything done on time?

Anyone heard of Manager's of their Homes? I heard the Maxwell's speak at a home school convention many years ago and picked up several of their books. (All of their books are great but I HIGHLY recommend their "Preparing Sons" book.) Their theory is that a prayerfully designed schedule for each member of the family will make life easier and more productive. And, THEN if things are not getting done, perhaps you are doing things that God does not want you to be doing right now. Ouch!

Confession: I'm a time slob. I'm not naturally bent toward time management. And it shows. I've gotten away with it for a long time simply because I had so many little typically developing (gifted even!) kids. My hubby is extremely relaxed about it and I get a pass from just about everyone else, too. Just the fact that I'm still writing this when I should be in bed proves the point.

So I'm working on creating more structure in my household. Ralph needs it. Everyone will be better off. I'm sure they will be so much more secure know what to expect and when to expect it, what to do and when to do it, what to put away and where to put it, and so on.

I'll be sharing my progress, or lack thereof. If only Ruby would cooperate. If I could only find that MOTH book...