Sunday, June 14, 2009

Will he ever?

Ralph is so sharp. I mean smart as a whip! He knows all the baby signs on the three Signing Time DVD's that we have borrowed. I got a smokin' hot deal on four new ST DVD's thanks to my friend Rita from Reece's Rainbow.

Wow! It is so fun to watch him experience something new. I can't capture it in a photo and that drives me nuts. He is actively listening and watching Rachel and imitating the signs. If you have never seen or heard of Signing Time you MUST check it out!

Funny...Ralph just crawled over to see me. When he noticed Rachel's picture here on the screen he started vocalizing "da! da!" which is really his only vocalization. *sigh* He also started signing "time." This is his way of asking to watch Signing Time! Cool, huh?

It's great that a non-verbal kiddo can communicate with others. It can be difficult sometimes, but I'm grateful that we are not ALWAYS dealing with screaming and grunting. The purposeful signing always amazes me and warms my heart.

But...will he ever speak? Will he ever say mama?

Next week is Ralph's sedated hearing test. Even a mild hearing loss can affect speech. I guess I'll know more soon.


Ria said...

My son, Matthew, LOVES Baby Signing Time. He's 20 months old, non-verbal, and absolutely adores Rachel's singing and signing. He knows a few signs now and I agree, it is nice not to have him grunt and scream ALL the time. And when he does, I just ask him what he wants while signing to him, and he'll respond calmly with whatever sign he knows. It's very cool!

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Anonymous said...

*I'm smiling.*

*smooches* to Ralph!

Hugs, Barbara

Jeanette said...

My whole family loves Signing Time. I am waiting with baited breathe for my Sydney to say Mama. Someday. I will rejoice when she SIGNS "Mama" =0)