Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dollars and Sense

(As opposed to dollars and CENTS.)

Today's Down Syndrome Society of Wichita meeting featured financial planner Scott Adams, co-founder of The Special Needs Planning Center. Too bad Ralph is still feeling punk. He would have enjoyed playing in the nursery now that he can walk well!

I knew that I couldn't miss this meeting today. I've been concerned about financial and guardianship issues for awhile, but OH DEAR! I think I have more questions now than before!

Maybe this is a good thing.

All I knew before today was that in order to get services as an adult, my son will have to be broke. It's kind of crazy the way these things work. I understand that there needs to be a system to determine who qualifies for services, but this keeps an entire segment of society in perpetual poverty. Not what I want for MY son. 

There are ways to ensure his quality of lifestyle. (I don't know what they are yet.)

So now that I know a little bit about how much I don't know, I have the SENSE that I need to educate myself. Just like I educated myself about Down Syndrome, heart disease, pulmonary hypertension, I need to educate myself about how to make sure that Ralph has a financially secure future.

Let me encourage you to browse around the website of The Special Needs Planning Center. There are many helpful educational articles and links. Don't wait. Life is so uncertain and your children, special needs or not, are counting on you!


Anonymous said...

I just added that link to my Brain Food list. Thanks!

"he can walk well!" Woohoo!

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