Thursday, September 10, 2009

A (mostly) happy note.

    I have a sick little guy. We spent the better part of last night and this morning in the ER. That's not happy, but I also have perspective. Here is how that goes: 
  • Ralph will keep the nebulizer mask on by himself now! 
  • No needle sticks at the ER. This is huge!
  • Ralph did not get admitted to the hospital.
  • He has a ton of new signs and can tell me what he wants and needs.
  • I have excellent friends, including one that let me borrow an oximeter.

    On a totally happy note, I went shoe shopping for Ralph the other night. Silly me. I went to the store looking for something specific...a high top shoe that laces. There were none. Everything is velcro, and that just won't work for keeping Ralph's little mitts off of his braces. I should have shopped online first.

    I found these sweet little Chuck Taylors at Perfect! $7 cheaper than any other online store and free shipping. Score! I ordered them yesterday. They arrived today! How on earth did they get here so fast?


Anonymous said...

Score indeed!