Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We aren't always aware of the passage of time. Sure, our days are hectic and fly by so quickly. Playgroups, therapy, bible study, doctor appointments and so on. How is it that we often stop and say, "where has the time gone?" Why are we so surprised?

A week from Saturday will be Ralph's 3rd Buddy Walk. The first year was sweet. Lots of friends joined us. I really couldn't believe that they would give up their Saturday morning to come walk with us. I was grateful, bus disbelieving at the same time. Wesley carried Ralph across the finish line. Those two are quite close.

Last year's buddy walk was fun. I actually submitted Ralph's photo and registration in time to get t-shirts for everyone. We weren't newbies last year and actually were acquainted with many other participants. 

This year I missed the photo deadline. I missed the early registration and free t-shirt deadline. I promised the kids that we would make our own, but I'm not sure we'll get it done. Time is moving so fast!

On a bright note, this will be our first time walking at the Buddy Walk without dragging an oxygen tank around with us! Also, Ralph can actually walk this year!! He's looking strong. He's lost the baby face. He's growing up.

He loves to talk on the phone. He always calls daddy. He only calls daddy!

Look who else is growing up. Closing in on 12 pounds!


Anonymous said...

WOW! LOVE the photos - kids, I mean. Uh, did you say something?