Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October! Day 1

**If you are here for 31 for 21, please click on the Ralph and the Crew title for the latest post. I submitted the wrong link for the challenge. My bad.**

When I think of October, I naturally think of...what else? Hunting! Our family has been helping with the Muzzleloader Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities for many years. Since before Leroy was born at least!

October is also Down Syndrome awareness month. I'll be posting here each day as part of the 31 for 21 challenge. I have lots of ideas about what I'll write about. I have my agenda, but what do you want to know? Really. Anything. Don't be shy.

Each comment/question you post here will be entered into my October giveaway. I'll announce the prize tomorrow. Sorry friends, facebook comments don't count!

 Here is Ralph at deer camp last Sunday. He spent hours pretending to drive! What little boy doesn't love to drive? Of course, he had to put on a seatbelt.

What would a blog post be without a photo of Ruby?


therextras said...

A blog post without Ruby is not near as nice as one with!

Don't have much huntin' knowledge here (was raised in the city). Sigh. If you get time to explain a bit more about this 'event'....?

I just posted - must take a while to come up on blogger (in your sidebar).

Barbara (waiting for her prize)

Stephanie said...

Barbara! No surprise to me that you are the first to comment. Let's see if I can bring some lurkers out of the closet this month.

Last night I found a great video about the disabled hunt. Hubby is even in much of it. I'll post it later today!