Friday, October 30, 2009

21 Things about Ralph

Get It Down; 31 for 21

I've cheated on blogging for the past few days with photos! I thought I should actually write something today so here it is. (I totally ripped this idea off from

21 Things about Ralph

1. Ralph goes to bed very nicely. He sleeps all night-he always has!

2. Ralph has super narrow flat feet. They roll in when he stands or walks, so he wears SureSteps-AFO's.

3. Ralph loves to look at himself in the mirror and brush his hair. 

4. Ralph knows lots of sign language. He tries to fingerspell sometimes and it cracks me up!

5. Ralph doesn't talk much, yet. He tries, though. When he says his brother Chipper's name it sounds like he's trying to hock up a loogie. He does it the same way every time!

6. Ralph loves to drink. Water, milk, juice, it doesn't matter! If he is yelling or screaming, chances are he wants a drink.

7. Ralph loves to watch Signing Time videos. He will ask for them by signing "signing" "time!" He doesn't care that much about any other childrens' show.

8. Ralph had a hole in his heart. It was repaired with an AMPLATZER® Septal Occluder. He went home the next day. I'm still amazed.

9. Ralph has not been hospitalized at all in 2009! (I wouldn't say anything if I believed in jinxing!)

10. Ralph loves to eat macaroni and cheese above all else. It the one thing I can count on.

11. Ralph loves his daddy. I mean he weely, weely wubs his daddy!! He throws his little arms around daddy's legs when he comes home from out of town.

12. Ralph loves to close doors. Doors must be closed. He likes to make sure that he is on the wrong side first.

13. Ralph likes to play in the cabinets and rearrange my canned goods. He likes to stack up jars of baby food. 

14. Speaking of baby food, Ralph loves to eat it. He has rediscovered baby food now that I'm starting Ruby on fruits and veggies. 

15. Speaking of Ruby, Ralph adores his baby sister. He loves to hug and kiss her and sit on her, too! Gotta keep an eye on him.

16. Ralph loves people. He has what I call gravity. He attracts people with his cute and friendly ways.

17. Ralph is tough. He hardly ever cries when he falls down. 

18. When Ralph does cry, it is so pitiful that I just melt.

19. Ralph likes to "GO." (Picture him pointing with both fingers) He often packs a bag, grabs a purse and gets his baby strapped into the carseat!

20. Ralph has trashed more than one computer keyboard in the past. Nowadays, he is more likely to grab the mouse and run away or start clicking it, or BOTH!

21. Ralph is an amazing gift from God! We are blessed to be his family.


Leslie said...

What a sweet post! I can relate to some of those too! lol Especially the last one.

Thanks for your prayers for our family! (((Stephanie)))


Anonymous said...

"hock up a loogie" ! lol!

NEVER heard that one before!

No. 9 - knocking on wood now, because I am.

Loved this post! Thank you, Stephanie, for your blog and sharing your family. Barbara

Regina said...

I love this post!! I'm going to steal it for my last 21 for 31 post! It's neat to read about what he likes! And you can look back next year and will have forgotten some of these things! I love my blog for that reason!

SunflowerMom said...

Love the list! Sean is a door closer too and it drives his brother NUTS because he is clausterphobic.