Saturday, October 3, 2009

Buddy Walk!!

There were about 1,800 registered walkers for our local Buddy Walk today! I was concerned that there wouldn't be enough cookies so I brought an extra dozen. I guess others brought extra too, because there were volunteers walking around passing out cookies from full trays after lunch. That just gave me a little chuckle.

The kids love the Buddy Walk because of the games and activities and prizes. I love the Buddy Walk because of all the beautiful faces. Seriously, I'm breathless half the time as I catch sight of another beautiful child with Down Syndrome.

I also like being around the other families in our exclusive club. It's so comfortable to hang with folks that "get" you. No explanations or apologies are needed. It's OK to let your guard down there. 

Anyway, it was Ralph's 3rd Buddy Walk. It was the best one yet! First of all, daddy came for the first time. Anyone who knows Ralph knows that he is a daddy's boy, straight up!

Secondly, Ralph actually walked during the walk today! Of course, he didn't walk the whole mile, but he did do about the last 200 yards. Dad took pictures of him as he crossed the finish.

Incidentally, at our first walk two years ago I pushed the same stroller. Leroy was in the front, baby Ralph was in the back seat, and the oxygen tank rode in the basket underneath!

Which reminds me about however many things change, some things remain the same. Yeah, I forgot to bring the camera. Good thing dad was able to come today because his phone takes great photos.

You'll notice that there are no photos posted. :( That's because dad went back to deer camp after the walk and he hasn't sent them to me yet. I'll be bugging him until I get them!


Regina said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! The buddy walk sounds great! I wish there was one closer to where I live.

Kelly Zimm said...

Hi, Stephanie!
I came over here from your comment on my blog.
Just wanted to say, "hi"...tell you that Ralph is a doll, ( I love the picture of him driving. My Layton is a a driver too!) and to not lose faith about him talking. It will happen! ;)
Take care!

Monica Crumley said...

So glad you had a great time. And how cool that Ralph walked a bit of it by himself!

therextras said...

Looking forward to our local Buddy Walk.


Anna said...

Ours is this weekend. I need to see if I can have a button made to wear, with the latest pic of our little one! thanks for reminding me!