Thursday, October 22, 2009

I spoke too soon.

I knew it would be a crappy day when I walked into Ralph's room this morning. He had taken off his diaper don't really need me to spell it out for you, do you?

So of course, I freak out because I'm trying to get Leroy to the bus on time and get the other kids out of bed and making breakfast. I'm thankful that Wesley was home to get breakfast for the kids so that I could deal with the mess.

After trying a couple of baby wipes, it became apparent to me that the job really called for a hose. I picked Ralph up by the shoulders and carried him through the house to my bathtub. He got two baths. One to get the stuff washed off. One to get the icky water washed off.

Ralph's EI teacher came a little later and we worked with matching and some beginning consonant sounds. He was an angel for her as always. And he was squeaky clean.

After she left I sat down to nurse Ruby and let Ralph watch a Signing Time video. He toddled around the front room, not really interested in watching T.V. He walked up to me and gave me a little hug and then I noticed it. No hearing aids.

I panicked. Wes was still home so I called for him to look around for the hearing aids. I scolded Ralph and I asked him to go get his "ears." Ralph walked over to the dining table at the same time Wes found the hearing aids floating in my glass of ice water!

My heart sank.

I was going to call the hearing doctor today and let her know how well Ralph was doing with the new earpieces. I was just waiting for my dead phone to charge. Instead, I whipped out an email SOS. What do I do with wet hearing aids?

I took the wet batteries out and put them into the drying canister. I'll be checking them tomorrow to see if they still work. If not, I'll be mailing sending them back for replacements. They WERE insured!!

The rest of the day was really smooth after all that. Until later when we were about to run out of toilet paper. I was looking for a parking spot at the store when I witnessed an assault! A man with a scar across the back of his head beat the stuffing out of another man right in front of the store.

I saw the man with the scar shopping in the store a little later! Unbelievable. I think I'm going to bed early tonight.



Anonymous said...

A day deserving early bed. :(

Marie said...

crazy day! So glad the hearing aids were insured.