Tuesday, October 20, 2009


After my marathon road trip yesterday, I was hoping to have a quiet day at home. I enjoy putting around, picking up, vacuuming, cooking first thing in the morning. I like to do these things early in the day.


This morning I got a phone call from Chipper's school. It was the school nurse. Apparently, he was hit by a van while walking to school this morning. 

What? I was a little confused because he leaves before 7:00 am and it was 8:15 am when she called. Where was he now? A teacher overheard him talking to a friend and sent him to the nurse.

He was crossing a street at a nearby intersection on the way to school when a van with no headlights hit him. He went up on the hood and then fell to the ground. The van was slowing down for the stop sign, so it was not going fast. Chipper insisted that he was not hurt at all. Thank you God!

Here's the kicker - when Chipper got up off the ground the van peeled out and drove away.




I'm not complaining, but I didn't get around to much around the house today. I contacted the authorities to file a police report. I needed to be at the school so that the officer could interview Chipper so I had to quickly pack up Ruby and Ralph and head out. 

Chipper is a great kid, but...oh my. He gets near perfect grades. He's very respectful. He helps out with the little kids. Why am I so worried about this kid?


Michelle said...

because you could have lost everything in the world yesterday, and you know it. But you didnt. God is good. Have a nice cup of tea and hug him tight.

Anonymous said...

Grateful to God, too. Just sent my teen off with a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel requesting his protection.


Regina said...

You worry because you're his mom! As moms we all worry. I'm glad he wasn't hurt!! What an idiot that hit him and didn't even check to see if he was ok!!

Leslie said...

So thankful he is alright. Maybe someone else will report it. I was hit while in college and someone else witnessed it and reported it later.