Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 26, Post #300 The good neighbor.

Get It Down; 31 for 21


Wow, I just noticed that this is my 300th post here. Cool. I hope that you enjoy reading what little I have to share!

I was sitting on the couch nursing Ruby the other night while Ralph was toddling around the living room looking for trouble. He knows when I'm feeding her that it takes me a little longer to get up. He knows that it is the perfect time to get into trouble! 

He ended up climbing up into daddy's chair and playing with the porch light switches. I was pretty tired (imagine that!) so I just let him have some fun turning the porch lights, driveway lights and entry way lights on and off. He wasn't hurting anyone. He wasn't hurting himself. No harm, right?

After a while the phone rings. It is my neighbor. She asks if I'm OK. I say, "Ummm, yes? How are you?" She said that she saw my porch lights and driveway lights flashing and she thought I might be in trouble. Then it suddenly dawned on my that Ralph was still playing around with the lights and I burst out laughing!

It never occurred to me what flashing lights might signify to my neighbors! I'm really blessed with some friendly neighbors, huh?

By the way, I'm still working on a big project and I hope to have some pictures to share tomorrow. I'd like to remind you that Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree is coming SOON. I'll have more information to share in the coming days.

I'm a Christmas warrior for Maxim this year. My goal is to raise $1000 for his adoption grant fund. He is one of the most at-risk of all the waiting children because he has already been transferred to the mental institution!

This is no place for a child with Down Syndrome. He should be getting ready for Kindergarten! There is a family out there that would be able to bring him home with a little extra help from you and me. Please join me in giving and praying for Maxim this Christmas season.