Monday, October 19, 2009

Day trippin'

I drove to Kansas City today with the three littles, Ralph, Ruby and Leroy. Ralph had a follow-up appointment with the Speech and Hearing clinic at Children's Mercy. Each of the kids were very well behaved on the trip. Phew! No screaming in the car today. Lots of "are we there yet" though! ha ha

Ralph got his new ear molds for his hearing aids and we love them. They have a little grip and are more difficult to rip out. Ralph kept his hearing aids in all day. As soon as we got home he ripped them out. Maybe it's too loud around here?

After the appointment we played on the playground since the weather was so pretty. Every time I asked Ralph to look at me he would shake his head "no." On the way home he started running a fever. I'll bet he wasn't feeling that great and didn't feel like smiling for the camera.

Can you tell he's feeling puny?

Ruby can sit up!

Seven months old, yesterday.

My helper for the day. He only ran away twice today!

I think I'll take his photo by the big piano every time we go. It will be fun to watch him grow a bit each time!


therextras said...

Only twice. Good for you!

I like the idea of repeated photos in the same spot.

Ruby is a joy to see!

Hope Ralph is feeling better. And wearing his hearing aids at home, too.

Regina said...

Hopefully he's not coming down with the flu! Poor little guy! How far do you have to drive for your appointments?

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Wow! The new inserts have made a big difference - he's keeping the hearing aids in!!!

No fever today. Perhaps he was overheated from the 3 hour drive.