Thursday, September 10, 2009

A sad note.

My aunt passed on last night. She was a unique and loving person...quite young - 53. She was my mother's baby sister. She was my grandma's baby, the youngest of four. She was a mother to my 2 cousins. She was a grandma to two children and a baby that is soon to be born.

I wish that she had the chance to grow old with someone who adored her. I wish that she had the chance watch her children make their mark on the world. I wish she had the chance to see her grandchildren grow. 

However, she had been fighting cancer for many years. She went through some terrible surgeries and treatments. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. The truth of the matter is that she has been liberated. Her earthly chains are gone and she's been set free. 

Sure, I'm sad. But I have hope. I try to get right with Jesus every day and enjoy the people I love while they are here. I highly recommend that to everyone.


Anonymous said...

My sincere sympathy to your family, Stephanie.

Getting right is a daily journey. Not stopping.
Thanks for the reminder.