Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Knock me over!

I was knocked down by a fever yesterday. Almost literally knocked down! In the space of half an hour I went from feeling just fine to bundled up on the couch, freezing and shivering. I'm a firm believer in the power of a fever to kill whatever it is that is making you sick. But, oh dear, what misery. 

I'm thankful for my teenage boys who were willing and available to help me take care of the babies yesterday. I'm well aware that, as a mom, I'm not really allowed to get sick so it's nice to have them to cover for me.

So, I still need to give away a book, don't I? Thank you for all the lovely comments in October. I made some great new friends last month. To choose a winner I numbered all my comments in the order they were received. Then I used random.org to choose a number. Surprise, surprise! Your consistency paid off Barbara, you win! 

If she is a woman of her word, and I believe that she is, it may well be the Gifts 2 that keeps on giving.


Anonymous said...

You betcha! After I enjoy it, I will find a way to give it away on my blog.

Thank you, Stephanie!