Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My message

I had the privilege of sharing my testimony with the women of my moms' group at church today. Normally this would have had me freaking out with nerves. The first time I shared my story, I cried the whole way through.

Today was very different. I have a message now that I didn't have before. I had people praying for me as I prepared. 

My main messages were:

1. Keep Christ at the center of your home. Your kids will not be fooled, even if you go to church all the time and serve in ministry.

2. Little girls need daddies.  

3. Ralph has given me new dreams and the courage to take risks. 

I was able to share things that I had not ever shared publicly before. I just hope that in an attempt to be "real" I managed to be uplifting. Because I want people to know that no one is too far gone and no one is unlovable. 


Regina said...

Very great message! Thanks for sharing!

therextras said...

That last sentence - so true! I have got to mindfully use that profound thought. More.


Vonda said...

Steph, thanks for the taking the risk of sharing and trusting us enough to share. It's been great to see you and your family grow over the ten years we've known each other. Keep striving to keep God first and he will bless you and your family richly!