Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is this even OK?

Dad and Ralph were having so much fun last night. But...

Last year in our town, a very young girl with Down Syndrome died of complications from atlantoaxial instability. Her symptoms resembled a respiratory infection, if I remember correctly. Scary. If you are unfamiliar with the term check HERE.

Is this kind of daddy/son play acceptable? Am I being a wet blanket? What do you do with an active kid who is not yet old enough for AAI screening? How could I live with myself if a spinal cord injury was mistaken for a respiratory issue?

I told my husband that I would tape this and ask for feedback. Sorry, I HAD to laugh when Ralph kicked him in the face! So what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Looks like Daddy is only playing the role of encourager and he can do that with other less worrisome movement by Ralphie than sommersaults. If Ralph likes to be upside down Dad might help him spend moments upside down without putting his weight onto his head (neck).

Other signs and symptoms that are indicative a spinal problem are neural - like a change in gait or ability to move his legs.

The Committee on Sports Medicine of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an initial set of spine xrays at 2 years. ?

How about a phone call tomorrow to the specialty clinic that follows him in KC?

Did you notice I found a second book for you to win - today's post. I will be sending it via media mail, will take over a week to get there. Barbara

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Ugh... well... I'm probably going to be a wet blanket too, BUT, Kennedy had NO symptoms AT ALL. When we went in for her x-ray it was simply routine. NEVER did I think they wouldn't even let us leave the hospital! They were SO freaked out by what they saw on the x-ray, they thought they were going to have to operate THAT night. They said if we left the hospital and I got in a fender bender on the way home, she would be paralyzed... or worse. And since they knew about it, they would be liable. It was bad. All from a routine x-ray. Scary.

Anyway, I am SURE Ralph is TOTALLY fine, but... let's just say, until we KNOW that Kellsey is totally fine, there will be no trampolines, no gymnastics. But I'm paranoid! LOL So maybe I'm not the best one to get advice from! hahaha

Ruby's Mom said...

He look like he's having so much fun with his Daddy!This would worry me to though.I'm always telling my kids to be careful with Ruby.