Friday, November 6, 2009

Pondering at the Park

Today I promised Leroy that I would take him and Ralph, and Ruby of course, to the park. The weather has been so beautiful lately that I thought we should take advantage of it. You never know when it is about to change for the worse!

Naturally, nothing ever happens as planned around here. We didn't get out the door until after lunch because I was putting out fires all morning. When we finally did leave the house, the first thing was to get some gas. Leroy was so irritated with me for that, I though he would have a fit.

We went to our favorite playground in the city. I was so afraid that it would be packed due to the awesome weather, but no. I pointed Ralph in the direction of the swings, my favorite! He lost his footing on the sandy sidewalk. He was really skating on the sand! Must be because he is such a lightweight.

As I was pushing Ralph in the baby swing, I noticed that he was looking at something, but nothing was there. And, then after a moment I figured it out. The autumn afternoon sun was in a perfect position for Ralph to see his shadow swinging and my shadow standing. 

I don't know if he has ever taken notice of his shadow before. I would guess not. I started waving and then asking him to wave to mommy's shadow. After a while he was giggling and waving to his own shadow as well as mine. What fun!

I give Ralph a fair amount of freedom here to walk about and try things. Ralph wanted to try spinning in this cup again today. It's so funny that when Rose tries this I have to push her around. With Ralph I just set him in the cup and he starts to spin. I don't have words to tell you how weird it is...he just spins with zero he has some innate spinning power. Kinda scary.

There were three teenage girls standing and chatting on this saucer swing. Ralph walked up and they started ooohing and ahhing over him. I asked if he could get on the swing with them and set him down in the middle of them. Silly boy only lasted 10 seconds. He signed "all done" and so I rescued him.

Like a lot of two year old children he plays around other children but he doesn't play with them. He doesn't seem to care right now, he's just having a blast at the park. Then I started to get a little sad wondering what happens when he gets older and wants to play with the other kids. Will they accept him? Will he get hurt?

Of course he will. I get the old "no one will play with me" all the time from my other children. I'm not afraid. I'll handle it when we get there. Is there a way to prepare each other? I wonder.


Regina said...

Looks like fun! And a great way to spend an afternoon if the weather is nice!!

ParkerMama said...

Oh, if it includes a swing, Parker is sooo there! lol!