Monday, December 7, 2009

My Christmas wish...

I've been meaning to write about Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree. (If you know me at all you know that this Down Syndrome adoption ministry is close to my heart.) I just haven't been able to keep up with all the fantastic happenings! It is really a great problem to have, isn't it? I'm going to try to catch up now.

Since the first of November, 29 children have new commitments. Wow! In these tough times there are people who are willing to take a great financial leap of faith.

There have been some dramatic commitment stories to tell of kids who were days away from transfer from baby homes to mental institutions. There are a couple of kids who have grant funds that are exploding! They will have committed families before this week is over, I'll bet.

I can't fail to mention the Darya Project. What an incredible story of faith and love. An 11 year old girl was motivated by her love for God to raise $20,000 in just over a week so that her family could rescue a sweet girl with DS. It touches me that there are people out there who love these kids as much, or more, than me. Sometimes it feels like nobody even cares.

Here is some more good of the children on the angel tree has been rescued by his birth family! They have or will soon be taking him home from the orphanage. This is unheard of. But it is what we are aiming for. It wasn't that long ago that babies with DS were routinely institutionalized in the U.S.A. Perhaps the time is coming where children with disabilities are not hidden away in shame but cared for by their loving parents and supported in their own communities...all over the world.

So how is my commitment to raise $1000 for Maxim going? Not bad, considering I'm not doing a giveaway or anything. I've raised $150 at about the halfway point, with the promise of a few more gifts on the way. I have asked many of my friends to be a "drop in the bucket" by contributing $10 if they can. Of course, those that give $35 or more before December 15 will get a beautiful Reece's Rainbow Christmas tree ornament.

An older photo of Maxim. I don't care what anyone says, I think he is a DOLL!

I'm thinking of some other things that I can do to build up Maxim's grant fund. This is a boy who has ALREADY been transferred to a mental institution. He NEEDS a family to commit to him as soon as possible. There is a family out there for him. Somewhere. Where are they? 

Wait. What if it is us? How do I know? Leslie is one woman who "gets" me. She recently wrote that what she wants for Christmas is for her Reece's Rainbow prayer child to have a home. I would be so pleased if Maxim would have a family. (Sure, I'd like it to be ours in case you are wondering.) That would make for a pretty wonderful Christmas! 


Lacey said...

When we first talked about adopting, reeces rainbow was the way I wanted to go. But its just not feasable for us. Seeing how long the Garcia's had to stay in Ukraine. We could never leave Jax that long. He is to medically fragile, we'd have to pay a nurse to watch him. I don't like to go to reeces rainbow anymore because I feel guilty. But we'll rescue a DS baby right here in the US.

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Lacey, I know it is hard to look at those sweet faces and not be able to do anything. You are a great advocate and have nothing to be guilty for! I hope you find your daughter soon.

soontobemomof9 said...

Hello fellow Kansan! I have always thought Maxim a cutie too!

We are adopting 2 from Bulgaria. One little girl with DS, and one who is blind. :) Sadly, Ukraine was not feaasible for us either, but Bulgaria works out quite well! Esp. cause only one parent can travel each trip! And the trips are short! :)