Thursday, December 10, 2009

When it gets cold...

Oh! It has been so very cold here this week. This kind of weather makes me want to...well...make something! Sometimes I get the urge to bake bread or make a huge pot of soup. Sometimes I like to sew.

This week I broke out the old knitting needles. Actually, I bought some shiny new double pointed needles with a Hobby Lobby gift card that I won.

See if you can figure out what I'm making. Any guesses? Brownie points if you get it right!
Last Christmas, nope the year before last Christmas, (wow, does time fly?) I found some pretty nubby, fuzzy, purple yarn. I bought it and used it to make a scarf for my mom-in-law. I didn't know that her sister-in-law made her a hat out of the very same, exact yarn! We got a good laugh out of that on Christmas morning.
What kind of things do you do when the weather turns cold?


Lori & Family said...


Lacey said...

When the weather is this freezing cold I close my eyes and pretend i'm in California at the beach.

Molly said...


Ninemire said...

It's a hat of course!!