Sunday, December 6, 2009

Since my oldest son was gone hunting and my 14 year old was at a wresting tournament in another state Saturday morning, we decided to go out to eat! It's always nice when we can get by without paying for those two additional "adults." Plus, my husband found a coupon for a popular buffet place. I'm getting that hubby trained right, I tell ya. 

I guess we haven't been out to eat for a long time because Ralph didn't really know how to act. *sigh* I hate hate hate spending money on restaurants, but my little handsome boy needs to learn some restaurant manners. I guess it is just easier to ignore poor manners at home.

What a turkey.

The real problem is that he likes to drink. like. a. fish. He only wanted to drink milk, tea, water...whatever drink he could see on the table he wanted. And he wanted it immediately. How can a little guy drink so much? That can't be healthy, especially for his wee little heart. I need to remember to ask the cardiologist about this when we see him next month.

Today I asked hubs to clean off the top of the fridge. Just a little honey-do thing, right? Oh what treasure was found! First of all lots of change for the adoption jar. All kinds of suckers for the kids. Lots of hotel room keys. Hubs makes me cut them up in case any of our information is on the magnetic strip. 

Then he handed me another room key...wait a minute, no! A gift card! I've been looking for that gift card ever since last Christmas!! There was a 888 number on the back to check the balance, so I called. Yep, $50. 

So I got to go out to eat tonight. Eating out two days in a row! I feel like royalty. 


Anonymous said...

Love that queenly eating-out, too. I'm stumped on the excessive drinking, too but that is a symptom of diabetes. That makes no sense to me either.

Nice drawing in the last post - something offered to most children in a restaurant - crayons and a paper menu. Barbara