Saturday, December 19, 2009

There is not a drop of water... the air! That's some baby-fine hair for ya'.

Remember when I asked you to guess what I was making? Well, here it is...

Well, half of it anyway. Wesley is helping Ruby to model her new baby leg warmers! Next she is toasty warm, laying in the sunshine in her new leg warmer by the dining room windows. What a life! 

I'm working on the mate right now. I'm a little less motivated, but I need to keep working and get it done. I'm a great starter, but a reluctant finisher. Anyone know what I mean?


Leslie said...

Very cute! A friend made a pair of these for Eliana.

Wish I could find something she would keep on her FEET! Those are what are cold around here.

LOL at the hair picture! We have some of that baby fine hair here too. Cute!


Lacey said...

Love the legwarmers!! His hair looks like my Carters