Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check THIS out!

You need to check out this new blog:

And, then let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

I love the new blog!! I am so excited for you!! Can I post a link on my blog to yours?

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Thanks, Heather! Sure, link me up!

It need some sprucing up, but that will have to wait until I get my new computer. I'll have to get a button made, too.

Cathy said...

yeah I'm so excited for your family and of cause the boys. I need a button on my blog I had happy tears yesterday thinking how it' stime for me to take Zhenya's photo down from my blog header. well you tell us how you came to adopting both boys..oneday. thanks
I cant wait till I know you have him in your arms and those first photo's on the boys free! praise God he is so good.
Cathy and Aden

Eastern Europe09 said...

I love it! I am sooooo happy to see Alec AND Zhenya have a family coming for them! We are bringing Dennis home and all three of the boys have been in my heart for close to a year now! I am excited to follow along on your journey!