Monday, March 22, 2010

Feeling a little blue tonight. I'll just share some photos, OK?

My latest project. A baby quilt to give away as an adoption fundraiser. Cute, huh?

I caught Ralph reading to Ruby! The cuteness!
He read a few pages for me, too.

We got Ruby a box for her birthday! Just kidding. But, if we had, it would have been a great hit!
All dolled up for church. Don't you just love the shoes? Size 2! And they kept falling off!

OK, I feel a little better now.


Anonymous said...

those are just the CUTEST Pics! Ruby looked liked she was enjoying Ralph read to her! And awe the dress and shoes! Sorry if you are "blue", I am smiling now after looking at those adorable Pics, just what I needed to make me smile! Tomorrow will be better! :)

Cathy said...

Sorry your feeling so blue. Hey I have some good new was blogging about it but ya know I’m so not good at blogging and anyway I went to bingo it’s new in town. We are extremely isolated here, 3hours drive in the desert (well it’s ruff country) to get to a target store with one service station to fuel up along the way. Anyway I was thinking about your last blog post and all you give up to have these boys home with you. Was thinking how my $35 for Bingo could be going to Zhenya and I knew God knows I just needed a night out. You really just couldn’t’ imagine the isolation here it’s tuff.
So anyway I was playing Bingo all while chatting with God, being a mums has help me learn to multitask.. And I think “God let me win some money for Zhenya….and I won $15 then I won another $25 yey got my money back that I felt so guilty for spending the wrong way, God blessed me with a night out and now I get to give Zhenya $40 to. God sure does know how to bless us with all we need. I really needed the laugh I had with strangers and a new friend and I get to give that money to Zhenya. I feel great. Love and hugs.

Now what to do. Give the money to RR for Zhenya or send to you?? If you can put up a chip in I will donate that way., not much I know it was the way it came about… hugs

Cathy said...

Sorry your children are adorable, I love seeing children enjoying books and when they read to each other oh it warms my heart xx

Lacey said...

Kid pics always make me feel better! I hope the blues go away soon.

TheRextras said...

Glad you feel better. I know I do!