Saturday, March 6, 2010

Zoo time!

We've had such nice weather this week! So nice that we just had to make a trip to the zoo. Our first of the year!

Ralphie cannot yet speak. He tries, but it's just very difficult. Difficult for him to make the sounds. Difficult for me to understand.

Thank goodness we found out about Signing Time videos when he was quite young. Starting with Baby Signing Time Vol. 1, Ralphie started learning signs by the age of nine months. I've been asked how many signs he knows now, but I have not had time to count them all!

The animal signs are his favorite! So you can imagine what fun we had a the zoo. From cows, to bears, to tigers we made our way. Then, at the very back of the zoo, the gorilla! Oh, how Ralph loves gorillas! You'll have to imagine him beating on his chest signing gorilla because I can't download any photos until I get my new computer next week. Trust me, though, it is way too cute!


TheRextras said...

I CAN imagine him AND trust you! But will also enjoy seeing the photos! Barbara