Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ruby's Phone

Ruby got some pretty new clothes for her birthday. She got a new dolly and a book. She also got something that she may never see again, not if Leroy has anything to say about it!

It is a Baby Genius Swivel 'n Sounds Phone. Although recommended for children from ages of 18 months, this toy has been appropriated by my five year old son! With this cute little toy phone a child can pretend to make calls and listen to messages. But, the most fun part is that you can record messages and play them back over and over again.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have not been paid anything for this toy review. I just love this little phone and may have to go out and buy three more for my older children who love playing with baby toys!


Anna said...

This would be perfect to purchase and send to Ecuador for our new daughter to play with and hear our voices before we get there!(I did knit a stuffed bunny and purchse a voice recorder at build a bear to put in it. I also heard that hallmark had a way to record you reading a story in a book. Thank you so much for the idea!