Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I simply do not have time tonight to adequately express the good things that are happening with my little bitty Max. But I wanted to quickly share what has become a theme when discussing him with any given friend, teacher, paraprofessional, or therapist...

Imagine if ANYONE had EVER expected him to do ANYTHING...imagine where he would be right now.

Imagine if he had been encouraged to walk, to run, and jump instead of sitting in a wheelchair he should have never needed!  Imagine if he had been encouraged to make choices and express his feelings!! Imagine if he had been well loved and well nourished from birth!

Yesterday Max had a verbal explosion. He said "bye!" when I picked him up from school for private therapy. He said "ball!" to his physical therapist. He said "hi!" and "eat" to his speech therapist!! WHAT?!

I'm so encouraged by the measures we are taking to help him heal and grow. I can't wait to share more!!