Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ralph is a character!

I had the camera out this morning, trying to get some photos of Theo. He is SO happy in the morning, and I would just love to get a nice photo of him smiling. He wouldn't sit still, so that was a fail.

But, as soon as a camera comes out, Ralph shows up ready to pose. He's still a little sleepy here...

Funny face!!

Every day, when we are waiting for Ralph's and Zhen's school bus, we have to count the spiders. Spiders are Ralph's new obsession! We have two. We have to go see them both. One on the porch roof...see it?

We watched her spin this beautiful web one afternoon. She works quickly and precisely.

The other big spider on the hostas...right at Ralph's eye level. I sometimes pretend to touch the spider, just to hear Ralph squeal with delight. Well, today he touched this spider himself, for REAL!! Oh boy! Poor spider!

Oh, and guess who was "Caught with Character" again?? Now I'm demanding that my other children tell me why they have never been caught with character! Ever!! I guess some people just shine a little brighter.