Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stay Calm...

I'm not keeping up well with DS awareness month. I hope that I don't disgrace the whole awareness scene. No shame here...this is real life.

Tonight I want to share a bunch of photos with you. James and I met the neatest family in Ukraine in 2010 and we have been great friends ever since. Toby and Suzanne adopted their son Toby Jr. from the same orphanage as we adopted Theo and Zhen. Toby and Toby Jr. were headed for home as we first arrived in the country. I got to babysit little Toby one afternoon while the men went out for something...can't remember what.

Here is Toby Jr., Theo with Toby Sr. in the background. 

Toby Jr., Zhen and Theo. They have the exact same shade of ashy blonde hair!

Thomas with Toby Jr.

Emmalee with Zhen. They have a special thing...



Toby Jr. is so blessed to have such a fun family to call his own now. And I know that he has been a great blessing to them all. The love him so much that they want to give him a brother! And they want to bring another boy with Down Syndrome into their family! 

I can't find the words to tell you how much these folks mean to us. They are the perfect family for a boy with DS. To raise funds to get the adoption ball rolling, they have made up these great shirts!

The shirts come in toddler through adult sizes and in many different colors, too! Only $15 for kids, or $20 for adults, You can go here to order a shirt:

Everyone who orders a shirt will have their name entered into a drawing for the book, Sun Shine AUTOGRAPHED copy, signed by Gillian Marchenko AND her daughter, Polly!! Read the reviews of this wonderful book here:

The adoption community can be really tight. We generally support each other, ordering shirts and bidding on auctions to raise money for each other. It is a beautiful thing. Let's show this family that the DS community is just as supportive!! Only three more days to order these fun shirts for you and your kids. Thank you!