Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where did the weekend go?

Whoa...where did the weekend go?

We had Friday off school here. It was an unseasonably cold day for October, we even had some big sloppy wet snow flakes for a few hours. I baked a couple hundred cookies to split between our family and the high school cross country team dinner.

I made several types of dough in the morning, chilled them in the fridge, then started rocking the oven after lunch. I lost track of time and missed an appointment. Ugh. I was a genius to schedule an appointment on a day when the kids were out of school, but a dork to lose my place and miss it. Sheesh.

Friday night we had a senior recognition night for fall sports at the football game. I barely had time to clean up, so I arrived at the football game with damp hair. Thank God I dug out my warm winter boots and coat. I just about froze to death! In return I got a medal and a red carnation, and I got to hang out with my hubs and Chipper. 

Saturday morning was lazy and slow. We made some more cookies, because they had magically disappeared the day before. I found some half price school clothes for the little boys at Goodwill. It warmed up so nicely in the afternoon, I took some boys outside with a magnifying glass and showed them what kind of fun things they could do with the sunshine!

For the first time in a long time today, we got to go to church together! Theo was able to make it through the entire service...he is often too noisy and needs to be taken to the Friendship Room. Ralph showed a little bit of interest in singing today. I could feel his chest resonating as if he were really singing. We take an entire pew at the very back of the sanctuary. I'm very happy to have this spot in case we need to slip out unexpectedly.

The weather was so pleasant today that I took a bunch of kids out for a nature walk. We picked up a lot of aluminum cans. We found butterflies, purple flowers, dog tracks, deer tracks, and a beaver skull, too!

Ruby walked most of the way, but got tired on the way home. This is how I roll with three kids in a double stroller. It was a great upper body workout for me!

This should be a busy week as I'll be shipping out t-shirts and catching up with some other overdue projects. Can't wait to share.