Friday, November 1, 2013

Max's Isa-story

Theo came home to our family in 2010 weighing in at 13 the age of four. He was placed on a special, and very costly, high quality, elemental formula for his malnutrition and GI problems.

Once he turned 5 years old we were forced, coverage wise, to switch to a popular kids drink that claims to be a healthy source of complete nutrition. It's sugar water, folks. Well, sugar water with added vitamins. I was so thankful that Theo was able to chew well enough to transition to real, table food soon after. I never felt good giving Theo that sugary "nutrition" drink stuff. It felt wrong.

Fast forward to last spring...Soon after Max came home, a tiny little 25 pound, eight year old skeleton with some very obvious gut problems, I began to earnestly search for additional nutrition for him.

When he did not make the sort of immediate catch-up weight gain that I expected, I had a wild idea to find him a super high calorie body builder formula from the local supplement super store. I was giving him sugary complete nutrition drinks on top of fatty, sweet muffins - super high in calories - but was still not feeling good about the sugar and other cheap ingredients he was getting.

What I found in the body builder formulas SHOCKED me, and not in the good way. Most of the high calorie "gainer" formulas included artificial sweeteners (really?), artificial flavors, colors, partially hydrogenated oils, and soy, soy, soy! I could not find one formula that met my standards. Are bodybuilders really putting this sort of garbage in their bodies? Defeated, I put this search on the back burner.

Soon after starting my Isagenix 30 day cleanse, I took a real close look at the label on the shakes. I knew that I was getting high quality ingredients before I started, but just then it dawned on me that this shake formula was exactly what I was looking for when searching for Max. Why didn't I think of this sooner?

Isagenix shakes are high quality food. Containing undenatured whey protein, which is nutritionally superior compared to protein isolates, it has a full range of amino acids. Also, the shakes are free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and soy! It only contains good fats, nothing hydrogenated. At 120 calories per scoop, this is what I was originally looking for to supplement Max's diet and calories. Bingo!!

So, how do I use Isagenix shakes to supplement Max's diet? He is presently getting one scoop of Isalean shake for breakfast, but he cannot drink properly yet, not reliably from a cup much less a straw. I am unwilling to waste a single drop, so I needed to come up with a different plan. Right now I'm adding this to his oatmeal, or mashed bananas or applesauce each morning. I blend in some additional coconut oil, avacado, papaya, or whatever I can mash up for variety. I expected to see improved health and weight gain by supplementing with Isagenix, but I didn't expect to see exploding verbal skills!

On just one day last week, a week after using Isagenix shakeson a regular basis, Max was reported to have spoken four different words to many different people. He said "bye" to his paras at school when I picked him up to take him to therapy. He said "hi," "eat," and "ball" to his physical therapist and his speech therapist. This made me wonder about the gut-brain connection and has let me to do some research. (I'll know more about his growth when we see the endocrinologist in January.) Now, as a result of my research and Max's results, all of my boys with DS are getting Isagenix "Isa-mash" for breakfast!

Ralph was resistant at first, and still is a bit difficult. His favorite breakfast is bread with butter and a glass of milk. This is what he requests every single day and he is very set in his ways. He still gets a piece of bread if he wants it, but only after his Isa-pudding! His favorite is when I blend bananas with chocolate shake mix. It looks and tastes just like chocolate pudding! His speech is improving constantly anyway, so it's hard to say if his results will be as dramatic as Max. But, I'm confident that I'm giving him the best nutrition and that can't hurt.

I am so pleased to have found this company and I believe in the high quality of the products. If you would like more information about how Isagenix products could help you or someone you love, just shoot me a comment or email to

Come back to find out how Isagenix has helped some other people that I love!


Denise at One Little Starfish said...

Thanks so much for sharing your results. I've heard several similar stories of kids with DS and also kids waiting for surgery for cleft palate thriving on the IsaLean shakes. We love them at our house too. I am so glad I found Isagenix. It's great to hear that Max is doing so great. Keep it up.

Cindy Cieplik said...

Your children are beautiful! Your care and persistence to discover the very best nutritional support is inspiring! Isagenix is helping families with special needs kids in many countries. Our goal is to help entire families be in the best health, and you are making a significant contribution to that mission. Thank you so much! I wish you and your family health and abundance!