Friday, November 22, 2013

School Photo Fails

We've been battling the snot monster here. It's been rough. At least Zhen and Theo are trained to allow me to do a sinus rinse. It must make them feel better because they are very compliant. 

In other news, I got Max's school photo retakes order form. He was gone for picture day, so we don't get a real retake. Even though we apparently NEED retakes. Unless they really think I'm going to pay money for this. Would you? The restraining hand on his arm is creepy if you ask me.

We got some really nice school photos last year, but this year we are striking out bigtime. Check out Ralph's photo...

Don't you like the hearing aid cords coming out of the side of his head? 

I'm not really angry. I'm actually more amused. It's not our first set of awful school photos. Have you ever had school photo fails?