Saturday, November 2, 2013

Preparing to report on Theo

Theo. My little love.

He has come so far! 

I tried to get some photos of him a few mornings ago because he always wakes up happy! He won't sit still so I get blurry pics. But, you can see what a tub he has become! Look at that physique!

He is growing out of his size 5 diapers! I'm not gonna like buying size 6's, cheap as I am.

He was the cutest little dinosaur, playing in the leaves at grandma's house.

I'm gathering photos of Theo and each if my other Amerikrainian boys for their annual post placement reports. I'll be sharing about each of them here in the next few days. When we adopted the boys, we signed an agreement with the government of Ukraine to submit periodic reports about their condition and development. Every family that adopts a child from Ukraine must sign the same agreement.

Some families have mixed feelings about providing these reports, particularly if their children suffered trauma, neglect and abuse at the hands of their Ukrainian caregivers. Why would the government care so much more for these children now? Why not do more to ensure the safety and health of the kids while under their care?

I cannot answer those questions. I can only do my best to hold up my end of the bargain. 

It's been reported that a very low percentage of families are providing these reports as promised. The Ukrainian government has no authority to enforce the agreement, and they can't come and take the kids so no big deal, right?


Since "rehoming" or "disruption" have been in the news lately, anti-adoption forces have renewed their quest to restrict adoption in Ukraine or shut down all together. The lack of compliance in post placement reporting is a serious matter. An adoption shut down would be tragic, particularly for children with disabilities or medical conditions. Lack of information on the whereabouts of disrupted children will be used as ammunition by adoption foes to keep other children in bondage.

If you have been neglecting your promise to provide reports, or maybe you just lost the address or instructions, you can find out which consulate you need to contact based on your state of residence, instructions and forms HERE

Let's be thankful that our reports are not required to be completed by accredited agencies, like other country programs require. So costly! But above all, let us be honorable and live up to the promises we made.


Anonymous said...

Good point about the post-placement reports. And if more people do their reports, then it provides evidence that internationally adopted kids tend to do well out of it. Can't have evidence-based policy without evidence!

Amy L said...

I think that families that aren't sending their reports are being very selfish. They are not thinking of the orphans still there, who are the only ones to lose from this noncompliance. They are the ones that will continue to suffer their entire lives, if Ukraine closes. I say, "Just do it already! Do it for the children still left there. Your decision to not turn in a report could mean a death sentence for them. Do it, so they have a chance at the love of a family they so richly deserve."