Saturday, August 30, 2008

Firetruck fun

Last night a firetruck drove down our street. It backed up into the dead-end and parked. Well, naturally we had to go see what was going on, right? It turns out that they were there to rescue our neighbor's flag. It has been stuck at the top of their flag pole for a while through rain and storms and dark night. As former military persons that just won't do.

So we all watched while they got out a big ladder and a stick with a hook on the end and brought down the poor flag. Afterward the firefighters let Thomas, Jordan, Rose and Leroy tour the firetruck. The men were so friendly! I mean they are supposed to be friendly, but they were REALLY NICE to the kids. They probably spent 30 minutes showing the kids all their stuff and turning on the lights and sirens. They invited the kids to visit the station anytime.

At bedtime last night Rose kept getting up. She is usually very good about staying in her bed so I asked her what was wrong. She said she just couldn't stop thinking about the firetruck! This, coming from a little girl who used to cry and insist that she was afraid of firetrucks. (Trains, too. I guess it is the sound of the sirens and horns) I guess we have to visit the station today. I'll try to get some pictures.