Sunday, August 31, 2008

Perfect timing - Dateline

The Dateline report about the conditions of Serbian mental institutions, aired last Friday, could not have come at a more perfect time! I'd like to remind you of the American Express Members Project. One project is going to get $2.5 million. Reece's Rainbow will use this money to provide FULL GRANTS to rescue 100 children with Down Syndrome from countries where this type of institutionalization is common.

Grab This Button

But, there is only ONE DAY LEFT to nominate Reece's Rainbow. They need to be in the top 25 tomorrow when the preliminary nominating is done. Right now they are at #22. They were #18 yesterday, I believe. Wouldn't it be a shame to finish #26 and be out of the running for the top prize? Oh, and there is less than 200 votes between #22 and #18. We need to spread the word today and move up a bit.

You do not need to be an American Express member to participate. You may simply sign in as a guest. It takes about a minute. Seriously, I know that the Dateline program had a profound effect on many people. Many people were left feeling helpless and wanting to do something. THIS is something everyone with an email address can do!!

By the way, if you have more than one email address, you can nominate Reece's Rainbow more than once. Just log out, and then do a guest sign up with the other email address. I did this today with my work email and also my children's email addresses. Hope they don't mind.