Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh, my darlin'

The house has been pretty quiet since the big boys have been gone. NOT! Yesterday Thomas started freaking out because it was soooo loud in the family room. You know it's loud when the kids are complaining!

Ralph has a new toy on loan to us. It sort of takes up the whole room. His PT wanted him to work on crawling up stairs. These work great, but instead of crawling up, he goes on hands and feet! He's been crawling down the slide on his belly. I keep it fairly warm in the house in the summertime, so he is normally wearing only a diaper. Baby flesh doesn't slide well on plastic.
Leroy has been fun. He tried to flush a ball down the toilet yesterday. It got stuck in the s-bend. Chipper told me this. I don't recall what he said but I remember that I said, "Well, I guess you better reach in and get it out." I was not in the mood for this. He did finally figure out how to get the ball out without pushing it farther down the pipe. Yes, he washed his hands thouroughly!
Can you imaging the spanking that Leroy got?
Later in the day, while Chipper and Thomas were at piano lessons, we found a 3 pound bag of clementines marked down to $0.99 at the grocery store. Ever since I showed the kids how easy they are to peel, Leroy has eaten nothing else! Between Leroy, Jordan and Thomas (Rose won't eat fruit) the whole bag is gone this morning.