Friday, August 22, 2008

Keepin' it real - and other stuff

It has been quite a week. We have had doctor's appointments and/or therapy every single day. Monday was Richard's sports physical and Ralph's P.T. Tuesday was Rose's Kdg. physical and shots. Oh, I guess no doc visit on Wednesday, but I did have a web site appointment. (Yes, I made the sale!) Thursday I took the dog in for his next round of heartworm treatments and Chipper to the neurologist.

I thought I might get a break today, but no. Chipper has a sore throat, so we'll be visiting Dr. Larry after lunch. On top of all of this, I began serious homeschool with Thomas this week. Learning a new curriculum and online system has had me tearing my hair out. I'm thankful that I had the chance to conference with an experienced K12 user who gave me some tips and tricks. Now we are cruising through the lessons!

Also, I don't think Ralph is feeling very well. I wonder if the other kids brought some bugs home from school with them. We need to reinstitute the hand washing and sanitizing rules. (Rose calls it hanitizing!) He has been less energetic than usual this morning. I couldn't get him to practice "stepping". He was very snuggly, which is highly unusual! I took an axilary temp of 98.8 before I put him down for a nap.

I generally monitor his O2 while he sleeps, but I can only put it on after he is asleep. He will eat the tape off of the probe if I don't wait, or if I don't take it off right away when he wakes. Yes, I put a sock on over the probe. He can even get the tight socks off with no trouble. I guess I could use duct tape!

So, Ralph's O2 is running a little low today. He is running a little fever. He is not himself. This generally happens on a Friday. If I wait to call the doc, which I usually do, I end up with a sick child on a weekend and not many options to be seen. If I call the doc, it turns out to be nothing and I wasted a co-pay. Hmmmm.

Richard has cross country time-trials tomorrow morning. His running time will determine if he is on the varsity or the J.V. team. The parents are providing breakfast for the kids after the run, so I've got to go buy a case of juice boxes today.

Wesley started his new job this week. He has been working from 4-8:30pm at Goodwill. If I am not careful when I drive him to work, I will miss Rose and Jordan coming home on the bus. I missed them on Tuesday. The phone rang when I got home-it was the neighbor down the street. They walked down there and told her no grown-ups were at home. Smart, huh? Embarassing? Oh yeah.

I only share this because I'm committed to keepin' it real.