Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AmEx Members Project

Well, thanks to all the people who voted for Reece's Rainbow, they ended up being #24 most popular project and the #2 most talked about! However, they were not chosen as a finalist. Meredith explains:

In case you're somewhat following this one, Reece's Rainbow's "Save
an Orphan with Down syndrome" project was #24 when the voting
closed in the first round. The top 25 were posted today. AmEx called
Andrea twice to get info from her for her write-up as at one point we
were #16. Unfortunately, though she expected to have the RR project
in the top 25, it is not. There are other criteria other than just votes
that they went by, but we were surprised nonetheless. We're glad,
though, for the exposure it's been given up to this point and hopeful
that maybe a few people have heard about RR for the first time and
may continue to spread the word or even donate or adopt a child
themselves!As a preparation for the AmEx "big reveal" a page was
designed with photos of 100 waiting children with Ds from all over
the world. Click on over to see all the little doll faces!


On November 1 another similar page will be revealed at the beginning
of the "Christmas Angel Tree" which is a donation drive over the
holidays and a great way to give a gift to someone important to you.
A small donation (there is a minimum for the ornament) will have an
ornament with the photo of the child you sponsored sent to you or the
person it was done for. It's a great gift for therapists, grandmas that
don't really want ANYTHING, teachers, and even staff parties! What
an honor to have money donated toward bringing an orphan home
done in your name! Anyway, more on that later :)Here's the link for
the photo page:

Posted by Meredith at 9/09/2008 10:13:00 PM