Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Scary. Weak stomach? Don't read.

Ralph has been very congested at night. His nose gets so stuffy that the O2 doesn't really do any good. I use saline drops and a booger sucker before and after bedtime and naps. Last night I was sucking his nose out on one side when both sides started bleeding! And not just a little bit, either. Big dumb mommy!

He started coughing and sneezing little droplets all over me. I was so afraid that he was swallowing a lot of blood and may throw up, but he didn't. After about 10 minutes it was nearly done bleeding and I put him to bed. Of course, I couldn't put the monitor on since he was wide awake. Of course, he kept pulling his cannula off all night long.

I'm not sure if the nosebleed was caused by a sinus infection or what, but I know that him taking aspirin probably didn't help. I have a call in to the doctor this morning. I hope they call back soon and let me know if they want me to bring him in. He is really snotty this morning, but I'm afraid to do anything other than wipe his nose!

Update - Wow, the nurse just called back! I only left a message 20 minutes ago. They want me to bring Ralph in later this morning. Great. I'm going to get hit up for money when I walk in the door! My insurance company is dragging it's feet these days, and I don't blame the docs for wanting to get paid.


Lori said...

I'm sorry, that is scary. Good luck, hope all turns out well.

*Those insurance companies drive me insane!!!